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Masum Pervez Rubel (Actor)

Masum Pervez Rubel, (M.S.S-Dhaka University) is a film actor of Bangladesh, producer, Film Director, fight director and active business personnel who has appeared in more than 220 Bengali films in genres ranging action to super action. He is the recipient of numerous awards and mid-1986s to early 2005, most of the film were commercially successful at the box office.

Rubel first appeared onscreen as an action hero named Laraku. He began a full-time career in film with a leading role in the highly successful action drama Utthan Poton, Bir Purush, Bajromusti, Bisho Premik, Biplop, Grheena, DON, Bicchu Bahini, AndhokareChita, ProbeshNishedh, Shotru Voyonkor, Joddha, Shantrash, Akheri Rasta, God father, Dhanda, Zamider, Bondhu Bayman, Byadop, Top Rangbaz and Vondo.

Apart from acting career Rubel is connected with several social organization and his support toward youth development highly honored by the all sectors. At present he is acting president of Bangobandhu Shanskritik Gosti (Central). He also has served as the position of President of Bangladesh National Karate Federation and General Secretary of Bangladesh Film Artist Association.

Rubel is two times National Karate Champion and founder & Sensei of Young Dragon Martial Art Centre (The Fight School) and Founder & Chief Action Director (Film) of The Action Warriors. He is also working as a Chief Advisor of Human AID & Trust International.

Rubel is active in business since long as an industry spokesperson and bringing more than 30 years of industry experience at present he his board member and board Director of IMS Limited and IMSF Consortium. In his personal life Rubel’s only son is Niloy Parvez, and an expat living in United Kingdom.

Masum Pervez Rubel. (Actor)

Chairman, IMSF Consortium

Contact: +88-01911015333



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